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Post by Tolbinnox on Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:11 pm

Hi people,
As I said earlier Feel free to call me Joe (my name irl). I'm currently a high school junior. When I'm not in purgatory OOPS school, I like to read write short stories, and of course embrace the gamer. Cool In case you can't tell I'm a massive nerd, if there was a contest for High King of the Nerds I'd be in the running  Smile Particularly my intellectual talents include history, science (except Physics cause nobody understands physics), and of course computer science (esp. coding). Also i play the saxophone.
As a gamer i started with Runescape and then moved on to other MMOs. As this is my first time playing a game with Tera's unique(cough'hardtouse'cough) combat system, forgive any mistakes i make while playing. Also note I'm known for feats of clumsiness including tripping up stairs (yes its possible) so anything strange in game probably means i had an accident irl. I'm also known as a horrible chatter so please ignore any strange messages or long pauses. Thats me. Questions? BRING. IT. ON.


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Re: Hello

Post by Nocteau on Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:48 am

Welcome! I've tripped up the stairs once as well Very Happy

Memento mori.

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