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Post by Ackeran on Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:33 pm

I also believe there should be some sort of test we put our apprentices through, if they so choose to want to be mistral. Unlike Kingpins, we don't get elected, so we need to prove that we can teach our guild members before us.

step 1: A variety of questions about forum and random.

step 2: how they fight in the battlefield

step 3: What can they offer to this guild being a mistral?

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Becoming Mistral Empty Re: Becoming Mistral

Post by Ser.Thanatos on Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:09 am

"All Mistrals that wish to register are part of the Master-Apprentice poll must first enter training with Aezum. This training will include (but is not limited too) an overview of what the master should be assisting the apprentice with, as well as the policies that go along with being responsible for another guild member. This training will also include the recommended curriculum that a master should be able to complete for a specific apprentice.

Mistrals must first receive permission from Aezums or the Master-Apprentice Coordinator before taking on an apprentice, but is most certainly allowed to recommend their own apprentice. Any master that takes on an apprentice without permission is liable to being ban from the guild.

In order to become a Master, a Heartkeeper must first fill out the following application IN A NEW FORUM TOPIC. The application will then be received by Aezums or the Master-Apprentice Coordinator and you will receive instructions on when you can attend a training session (private sessions can be given to any applicant on request).

A master's application should be as followed...

IGN (In game name):
Guild Rank:
Game Class:
Time zone:
Why you wish to be a master:
Additional Information (Opt.):"

the only difference in what you are suggesting and what is already in place is the battle test.

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