light.gummy's Frost Warrior application

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light.gummy's Frost Warrior application Empty light.gummy's Frost Warrior application

Post by darkgummy on Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:29 pm

My IGN is light.gummy and I would like to join the frost warriors because I like to run dungeons a lot and get all new gear and help others get all new gear. With the increase of level 60's we have we are more and more capable of doing 10 man maybe even 20 man dungeons if we set it up right. PvP i'm not as much of a fan of but I like to do it every now and then and having a full set group made and ready to fight would be a lot better than just joining a random match we could think of the plan ahead of time and be fully ready to fight. I haven't been in the guild long but out of the time I have been in here everyone has shown more than capable to group together and fight as one. If I become a frost warrior I can set up time when enough people are available to group up and fight in BG or just run dungeons. We need some frost warriors to do this and as I have heard we don't have any at the moment. Adding me to the frost warriors would allow us to have our players who like to fight have more fun in the guild and overall the guild as a whole we be a funner place.

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