hellloo :)

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hellloo :)

Post by Breezy on Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:13 pm

IGN: Easybreezy
Level: 60
Class: Priest
Other Characters: Loveeless (60 Zerk), Harleequin (60 Sorc), Endlessly (60 Mystic)
Name change?: Nope
Past experiences/guilds: Before I stopped playing about a year ago, I was in a guild that I cannot remember the name of anymore. But, it was a small & active guild where we used to run a lot of dungeons together.
Reason for leaving guilds: Real life got in the way & I didn't have time for Tera anymore & ended up leaving the guild :/
Friends in guild: Nada
Activeness(Hours of playtime): Depends, but usually 2~3 hrs a day.
Reason to join: Saw your post on the forums & seemed like a mature, friendly active guild.
Additional Info(Opt): I have just recently gotten into Tera again, but I'm really active & always down for up for anything Smile


IGN : Easybreezy
Class : Priest
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Re: hellloo :)

Post by Aezums on Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:27 pm

Welcome to the Ice Heart forums, Easybrezzy!

Please contact Neuroheart or Aezums in game for a guild invite.
If you can not reach us, please put in an application through the guild and we will accept it right away.

Origional Guild Master
Origional Guild Master

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