60 Reaper - LFG!

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60 Reaper - LFG!

Post by Countess.Shadow on Fri Jul 18, 2014 2:54 am

IGN: Countess.Shadow
Level: 60
Class: Reaper
Other Characters: 60 Slayer
Name change?: N/A
Past experiences/guilds: Used to be on Mount Tyranus but friends moved to TR due to not liking world pvp.
Reason for leaving guilds: Friends moved servers.
Friends in guild: None (yet!)
Activeness(Hours of playtime): 3-4 Hours/night
Reason to join: Looking to progress and make online friends.
Additional Info(Opt.): I am just getting back into the swing of the game after a 4ish month leave and decided to try out the new class and am absolutely loving it!

IGN : Countess.Shadow
Class : Reaper
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