Hello Fellow Guild Mate

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Hello Fellow Guild Mate

Post by Mickolios28 on Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:57 am

Alright well for starts Im not sure why but I have been removed from the Enlightened Union on the 15th i know for about a week I haven't been on that's because I had to work double shifts at work in order to pay for my dogs Medication because she has gotta sick really bad anyway's Now you guys know that I have a dog She is an American Bull dog // Pit bull I will post a picture if anyone is interested.

Alright about me well I'm 28 my name is Mike never was really good in school but ive got lots of streets smart or should I say common since I've been living on my own for a few years enjoying the single life ( Mostly gaming ) I used to play a lot of FPS shooters my Favourite was BF3 but since i moved into my new apartment I get free wifi but its not very fast but fast enough not to complain at all.

I got into tera cause I wanted something like World of warcraft but I didn't hafto pay and i was told by a friend of mind to try this game out and ever since i played it i havent stopped except when my dog was sick and when i wasn't in a guild it was tougher to do things without help anyway's i try to be on everyday all different kinds of hours cause i work for a moving company

-sorry if i bored you guys to death and hope to see yea in game

Mickolios  cheers 


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