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Post by Cinventus on Fri Jan 23, 2015 3:49 am

On December 16, 2014......A new expanison was released for Tera NA.

The level cap was increased by 5 lvls and new stuff was added. For more infomation about the new expansion, you can simply check the tera website.

As the current guildmaster, I played up to the current lvl cap, which is lvl 65. There are plenty of stuff to do for those who quickly make it up to the cap in such a short time.

With 2015 starting, I would like to suggest an activity that would help our guild become much more enjoyable. As the expansion has brought new items as well as new mobs and BAMs out for us to fight, new weapons are needed to fight them and new armor will be needed to defend us against them.

I hope to encourage those that are still here to collect materials and become artisans in each crafting skill. This will help this guild become stronger, and make it more feasible for members to be able to learn how to make items that will help them in hard times.

An example is this: If a party goes inside a dungeon without the necessary items to help them survive, a well-skilled crafter would be able to create items that would guarantee their survival.

As members log online, please provide opinions and ideas on how the guild can become better.
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