Sick Leave? Want to keep in Contact with Us? -Diagnostics Here!

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Sick Leave? Want to keep in Contact with Us? -Diagnostics Here! Empty Sick Leave? Want to keep in Contact with Us? -Diagnostics Here!

Post by Salem on Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:04 pm

Hello All,
I.The first part of this forum is for people taking some time off from the guild, PLEASE create a topic and express that to us so the guild leader may take note of that.
Sick Leave? Want to keep in Contact with Us? -Diagnostics Here! 25q9f85
II.The Second part of this forum is for those interested in sharing their medical reasons why or why not they may not be coming online:

 I know if you're opening this topic you are probably concerned with your health...Or perhaps you are traveling to a distant country or taking some time off from the guild.
-This forum will allow us to make sure we know when we will be seeing you next, and or if you are not going to be active for the current time.

However, BELOW, and only below, is for people with Medical Conditions. Some people enjoy personal forum topics. Nobody will judge you here, if you want to share something with others feel free to post it here! - I specialize in Diagnostics from my previous college work! If you are sick and you want us to know what is going on with you this will be an interactive forum for you to get a second opinion from people with medical knowledge so that we can make sure your health is okay before returning to ice Heart for FUN "Guilding"!(As well as keep us up to date with how you are doing and when you'll be back online)
Medical Book Keeping:

As I am the forum moderator, I will be making sure most threads on the forum are friendly and are not threatening or disturbing to others around you. Since the second half of this forum is a clinical diagnostic thread that describes what you may be going through during a time of health impairment, there may be photographs on this forum that are not appropriate for individuals under the age of 18, or may be disturbing to many people...Please proceed with caution as the privacy of your cohorts should be respected despite what they decide to post on this thread.

What to do?:
1) Alert a Faction member that you will be away
2) Below, feel free to post the following from the above topics:
        A) Traveling:
                I) Where are you traveling? How many people?
                II) Have you had vaccinations? What information do you wish to find out
                     accurately? [Most websites give you false or old information which may cause you to question if you are really getting the right info.]
                III) How long are you planning to stay? Any other questions?

        B) Health Concerns:
                 I) Have you had a differential diagnosis or a primary diagnosis?
                 II) Post Family History, Symptoms, Diseases you may have had in the past
                 III) At your own risk, you may post a picture of your clinical concern--For instance, an unidentified Rash- Be sure to be as
appropriate as possible.
                 IV) Questions you are having/Epidemiology questions? Treatment Options?

3) Wait for an answer, this can take up to a few days depending on how active the guild forums are.

* The Topics above may help us help you ensure safety. We would like to give you the type of respect you require during a time where you are feeling ill/or during your travels. This forum must be respected by all parties who decide to post.
                 A unique source for Prevalence of Disease is

Thank you very much! Enjoy the Forum

Sick Leave? Want to keep in Contact with Us? -Diagnostics Here! 2mq23om
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