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How to become a Kingpin Empty How to become a Kingpin

Post by Aezums on Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:22 am

How to become a Kingpin 2mwyy4p

Ice Heart's Council of Aurora is the Leadership team of our guild. Upon joining the Council, members will be given to title of Kingpin which in Ice Heart is symbolized by a spade. The leadership team specializes in all guild functions and makes choices for the future of the guild.

Faction Leader:

Kingpins of Ice Heart are an extension of the guild leader and therefore focus their concerns on guild functions and operations. These functions could be a wide variety of things. The list below shows some things that may be expected of a guild kingpin.

  • Attending Council of Aurora meetings.
  • Hosting guild events.
  • Meeting with / helping guild members.
  • Knowing a wide variety of information about the guild.
  • Recruiting new members.
  • Representing the Guild Leader (in-guild and outer-guild affairs).
  • Handling the guild ranking system.
  • Creating new ideas to improve / advance the guild.
  • Working with faction leaders.
  • Communicating information to guild members.
  • Mediating and handling problems when drama arises.
  • Listening to members and helping them to have a voice.
  • Welcoming new guild members and helping them become apart of the guild.

The job of a kingpin is not limited to the above responsibilities. Not all kingpins will be required to specialize in all of the areas.

All kingpins will receive leadership training once becoming the rank of Kingpin.

How to become a Kingpin 2d9u537

Joining the Council of Aurora as a kingpin is unfortunately not a quick process. Following the steps below will help you to be on your way as a Kingpin of Ice Heart.

Step I) A heartkeeper must create a thread in this section of the guild forums. This thread must be a detailed description of why they feel they would be a good leader of Ice Heart. They may also want to include a little information about themselves.

Step II) A moderator of the forums will then add a poll to the thread. This poll will run for 7 days. The applicant then has one week to receive ATLEAST 20 votes on the poll. If there are less than 20 votes then the application will be denied, regardless of the percentage of 'yes' votes. You may only have a kingpin election every 2 weeks.

Step III) After the heartkeeper is accepted, they will receive the kingpin title then have a meeting with Aezums and will undergo intense leadership training that will last about one week. After the training is over, the member will be considered a full pledged kingpin and leader of Ice Heart.

Best of luck, Heartkeeper!
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