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Guild History of Ice Heart Empty Guild History of Ice Heart

Post by Aezums on Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:41 pm

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The Meliza Era
In the begining Ice Heart was just an idea. An idea that would be home to thousands of players in Tempest Reach. Aezums (Aerum at the time) began the blueprint and construction of Ice Heart in early January of 2014. Some players that were involved in its construction were (current day) Aezums, Tragi, and Neuroheart. When deciding on what the guild would be called, there were some names that were tossed around. These names include AURA, ASTRAL AURA, Deer Heart, Stone Heart, Winter, Winter Heart, Snow Heart, Dusk Heart, and ultimately, Ice Heart. Upon coming up with the name Ice Heart, Neuro and Aezums knew this would be the name of the guild.

Ice Heart was built with four ranks and five factions. The ranks were called Pathfinder, Way Shaper, Seer, and Illuminator. The five factions would be the Guild Leadership Team, The Masters of the Master-Apprentice System, the Medical/Crafting faction, The Secret Operations, and the PvP/PvE Militia. The idea behind Ice Heart was to create a guild where members could create their own path and use their unique talents and incredible skills however they choose. Members would be given a voice and asked to use that voice to build Ice Heart together. The Ice Heart guild forums were created on January 26, 2014.

Aezums, Neuroheart, and Tragi entered the world of Tera in the Ascension Valley server. Here they experienced the world for the first time and would learn the culture of Tera. Upon leveling, Aezums joined a guild called Tyrant. There he met the players Meliza and Dalynrae who taught him about the world of Tera. Tyrant was Aezums's first introduction to guilds in the world (being previously a guild leader for 5 years in a different world). Aezums very quickly worked up the ranks in the guild (it took less than a week). He wasn't fascinated by the guild since the guild really didn't do much and knew it was time that he would finally execute Ice Heart. Aezums made an offer to the guild master of Tyrant to join him in his creation and be one of the leaders of the future Ice Heart. Aezums was told that the lead of Tyrant had before mentioned that guild leading wasn't really what he enjoyed and was convinced the offer may be something he'd enjoy. The guild master of Tyrant didn't take well to this offer.

After doing some further exploring, Aezums came across the Tempest Reach Server. Here Neuroheart, Aezums, Dalynrae, and Tragi started over, a fresh new start, and came to the decision that this would be the future home of the guild.

Photo One: Aezums at Ascension Valley guild fair while in Tyrant guild.
Photo Two: Aezums and Neuroheart in Ascension Valley.

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The Neuroheart Era
Ice Heart was created on May 27, 2014 by Aezums, Neuroheart, Tragi, and Dalynrae. Recruitment did not begin immediately. Aezums and Neuroheart agreed to have everything completed before officially opening the gates to Ice Heart. During this time, the original four ranks were changed. They transformed into three ranks: Pathfinder, Way Shaper, and Dreamkeeper (later changed to Heartkeeper). The original five factions were then changed to four factions: The Kingpins, The Mistrals, The Heartless and the Frost Warriors. Aezums, as guild master, would be the faction leader of the Kingpins and Neuroheart would be the faction leader of the Heartless and was then known as the Heart Guardian..

Eagar to start the guild, Aezums and Neuro allowed a few members to join Ice Heart before it's actual opening. Some of the origional members include Allegories, Bunbiekins, YouFu, Izurah and  Kaname.Yamai .

Ice Heart officially opened it's doors on Monday June 23, 2014. The guild recruited roughly 75 members the day of it's opening. An introduction event was held in Tuwangi Mire where Aezums and Neuroheart answered questions for the new guild members as well as had members go up on stage to tell everyone about themselves. This became Ice Heart tradition and every Monday, Ice Heart holds a meet & greet in Tuwangi Mire where members can ask questions and introduce themselves. The tradition holds that anyone that comes to the Meet and Greet can relive Ice Heart's first moments and new members can begin their journey the same way the original members of Ice Heart began theirs.

On day two of Ice Heart, the guild reached about 150 members. By day three, Ice Heart reached its max capacity at 300 members.

The guild forums became officially public to guild members on June 24th. At this time, the heartsmiths were able to access the ranking system and faction information. Eunbii became the first Heartkeeper in Ice Heart after only three days. Neuro and Aezums started to notice the fast rate at which guild members were ranking up. It was their beleifs that the ranking system was created to expose members to the culture of Ice Heart and help them to fuse into the guild. At this point, the ranks were modified to withhold this idea as well as give players that can't be active 24/7 the opportunity to continue advancing in the guild.

Photo Three: Ice Heart's very first guild event. The Introduction Event.

Guild History of Ice Heart 4goxzs

Eunbii and Don.Johnson were the first two members of Ice Heart to apply to a faction. Don.Johnson was applying to become a Frost Warrior while Eunbii was being elected into the Kingpins. Many aspects of the factions were still underway during this time period. The Frost Warriors had not yet had a Faction Leader. Neoroheart and Aezums were still searching for a suitable member to take up the responsibilities for the faction.

Don.Johnson and the guild member Qso had shown interest in becoming the faction leader of the Frost Warriors. During this chaotic time in Ice Heart, Aezums and Neuro wanted to be sure they spent time getting to know these two members before considering them to be leaders.

Don.Johnson and Qso began to take initiatives as potential Frost Warrior members and faction leaders. They had later discussed becoming co-leaders of the faction, an idea brought upon by Don.Johnson. This idea was approved by Neuro if they had reached the rank of Heartkeeper and were accepted into the faction. An unfortunate turn of events happened for Qso and Don.Johnson soon after. The Guild Master, Aezums, was given reports about the behavior of Qso in guild chat, on the forums, and when leading guild members in dungeons.

This led to the creation of a guild called Cream. Qso and a few other select members  created the guild out of spite toward the Heart Guardian, Neuroheart.

On June 29, 2014, Eunbii was voted in as the first Kingpin of Ice Heart, as well as the first ever member to join one of the guild factions. His contributions to Ice Heart, including creating the guilds first raid call, recruiting hundreds of new members, promoting the forums, and much more were well renowned.

Kuroskai became Ice Heart's very first Heartless member, promising to protect the guild under the Heart Guardian's leadership. Ackeran on June 30th became the first member to join the Mistral faction, and devoted his efforts in the guild toward helping new members.

Ice Heart was growing rapidly at this time. On July 1st, a new rule was put into motion that would allow members to continue to keep their alternative characters in the guild but also have room available for new guild members to join. Invitation privileges were taken away from all ranks below Heartkeeper, and inactive alternative characters would be removed from the guild after five days of inactivity.

With new members advancing in rank, Neuroheart and Aezums began to consider players that could take on the responsibility of becoming one of the guild's faction leaders. Also during this time, the first kingpin, Eunbii, became inactive in the guild which was a great loss.

On July 7th, one of the original members of Ice Heart returned after a short period of inactivity and made one of the biggest gold contributions ever in Ice Heart, being 150,000 gold. She was rewarded with the rank of Heartkeeper for her devotion toward helping Ice Heart grow and advance.

The [Not Yet Named] Era

More coming soon...

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Woooooooooh go Ice Heart


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Guild History of Ice Heart Empty Re: Guild History of Ice Heart

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ice heart FTW

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Guild History of Ice Heart Empty Re: Guild History of Ice Heart

Post by Azora/Melani on Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:52 pm

that was a great 2 chapters can;t wait for more :}

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Guild History of Ice Heart Empty Re: Guild History of Ice Heart

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Interesting read, looking forward to more.

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It's great to have everything documented, was fun to read =]

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