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How to get sparky mount Empty How to get sparky mount

Post by Assassin on Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:48 pm

How to get Sparky Mount by doing Achievements

In the guide above you can see the list of achievements you'll need, but the point is that you need to visit all the towns you can fly to with Pegasus and to visit 6 monuments. I will post the names of all the towns and all the monuments  

I suggest you to do the flying around towns first and as you visit a town that is near a monument, just drop by the monument and take that one along the way. It's way easier that way and you don't have to go back six times to different towns.


You will need to visit all the towns you can get to via Pegasus. As stated in the link above you don't get achievements for Velika, Kaiator, Allamatheia and Tower Base(Island of Dawn). But you will need to get from Velika to Allamantheia and to Kaiator by Pegasus, because from Arun you can't go to Shara through any other city rather than Velika.

Here is the list of towns, by continents:

Southern Arun:
- Lumbertown
- Crescentia
- Castanica
- Cutthroat Harbor
- Popolion
- Pora Elinu
- Chebika
- Tulufan

With all these visited, you get the achievement called "Southern Arun Tourist Attractions". As stated in the first guide, it is a bit harder to get the "Pora Elinu Tourist", you need to be standing next to an npc Shalane in the center of the town to get it.

Southern Shara:

Get to Allamantheia from Velika (or use the skill if you are a High Elf or Baraka) and then start travelling again.

- Tralion
- Tria
- Elenea
- Frontera
- Bastion
- Acarum
- Bleakrock

With these visited you get "Southern Shara Tourist Attractions" achievement.

Northern Shara:

Get from Allamantheia to Kaiator by Pegasus (or use the skill if you are a Castanic or Amani) and then visit the towns:

- Zulfikar Fortress
- Habere
- Dragonfall
- Scythera Fae
- Kanstria
- Pathfinder Post

Visiting these you get the "Northern Shara Tourist Attractions". For Kanstria you will actually have to go off the flying platform and get into the town to get the "Kanstria Tourist".


List of monuments:
1. Pora Elinu - Eldrich Academy grounds
2. Tulufan - Collosal Ruins in the Arena of the Exalted
3. Acarum - Balder's Refuge
4. Bastion - Citadel of Torment
5. Habare - LoT, next to the teleporter
6. Dragonfall - Temple of Sikander (region Amena Quatla)

Just interact (f) with each monument and it should pop up.

For all the monuments you get the achievement called "Monumental Effort".

after that u will get well traveled

i hope some stuff are not missing xD

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How to get sparky mount Empty Re: How to get sparky mount

Post by RavenMasterJedi on Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:46 am

Damn I need to get that mount Razz

How to get sparky mount 1hasup

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How to get sparky mount Empty Re: How to get sparky mount

Post by Ruby.Roze on Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:39 am

This mount can easily be obtained as early as level 20 (for non-elite players. Elites can get it earlier). In the level 20 reward box is a temporary atlas. This gives you very fast access to every town in tera, and most monuments can be reached without much danger to the player.

There are two worrisome monuments, one being the Eldrich Academy (if you're low level the trolls can be annoying). The most dangerous is the Temple of Sikander. Not only do you have to run past a lot of level 50 mobs to get anywhere, you also must cross a bridge of lasers. If you're lower level, these will kill you. Take your time, figure out the laser pattern, and pause between the turrets if need be. The way to the monument itself is also tightly guarded, but if you stay on your horse you should be able to outrun the mobs.

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How to get sparky mount Empty Re: How to get sparky mount

Post by Wynifred on Sun Jul 13, 2014 2:58 pm

This is awesome! I got Sparky on my alt thanks for the guide! 

*It is worth noting that for Kanstria you have to go to the center of town to get the achievement. I missed it the first time and had to go back.

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How to get sparky mount Empty Re: How to get sparky mount

Post by Tupactopus on Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:25 pm

I finally got it with sins help getting past the laser bridge outside of temple. Like ruby said, I would recommend using the atlas you get from the level 20/40 item boxes because it'll make it much easier/faster/and much more convenient than using the Pegasus. Also if you are lower leveld when you're trying to that last monument, past the bridge, see if anyone can give you a summon. Maybe I just have terrible timing, but I died like 15 times trying to get over that evil evil bridge.

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How to get sparky mount Empty Re: How to get sparky mount

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