Major overhaul of the ranking system

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Major overhaul of the ranking system

Post by Ser.Thanatos on Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:01 pm

Im just going to jump into my suggestion and explain after:

Pathfinder- stays the same: cannot join factions

Road to wayshaper-

1.You must attend at least 2 guild-run events OR receive 50 star points on the guild forum.

2.You must contribute 5 gold into the guild bank

Way Shaper- Can now join factions (except kingpins) but are not eligible to lead them. Way Shapers are not eligible to lead guild events.

Road to heart keeper-

1.You must first obtain the rank of Way Shaper.

2. You must make a contribution of 50 gold to the guild bank since becoming a Way Shaper.

3. You must attend at least 10 guild-run events OR receive 200 star points on the guild forum

4. You must receive a letter of recommendation from at least 3 guild members stating that you are worthy of Ice Heart's highest rank..

5. You must have a meeting with a kingpin when you feel you are ready for next guild rank. Be ready to prove yourself.

Heart Keeper- Are eligible to: lead guild events, join the leadership of the different factions, and join the kingpins.

why the gold? I want the members to be invested in ice heart. this is one way to help make the members invested, also with more gold comes better prizes for the guild events.

Why make way shapers able to join factions? to fill up the factions and have the members participating earlier and more frequently.

why cant a way shaper join the kingpins? because that is similar to running a faction but on a larger scale only those who put the effort in should be the leaders.

why cant pathfinders and wayshapers run guild events? to add incentive to joining the heartkeepers and to make sure those with experience are leading the events.

Why did I make it harder to join the heartKeepers? to make sure those that want to run events, factions, and the guild are qualified.

So that is my suggestion. feel free to ask questions state opinions and tear it apart as much as you want

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Re: Major overhaul of the ranking system

Post by Victalan on Wed Jul 16, 2014 2:53 pm

It may be a good idea to allow for a combination of events and star points. Someone who has attended 5 events and received 100 star points is not much closer to Heart Keeper than someone who has only attended 5 events or only received 100 star points. Perhaps 1 event = 25 star points? Of course, then Way Shaper star point requirement becomes 100.

Though only Heart Keepers can lead and run events, event ideas can be brought up by all ranks. If the idea has been approved and organised by a Heart Keeper but there are none available to run it on the event day, a Way Shaper may be appointed to the task.

The rest of it looks solid Smile

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Re: Major overhaul of the ranking system

Post by Ruby.Roze on Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:47 pm

I like the ideas Thanatos. Nothing against the current system, but it does seem deceptively easy to reach Heartkeeper right now.

I am on the fence with having the factions accessible to younger members. I do like that it gets more people into the faction system and having Heartkeepers act as "elite" members. Allowing junior members to jump groups every so often might also encourage them to explore what it means to be an active member of Ice Heart. I just wonder if it won't dilute the faction system too much and remove the added incentive to reach Heartkeeper.

One thing I just thought of is adding faction experience to the Heartkeeper/kingpin requirements. The idea would be that, by experiencing and seeing more parts of the guild, you are better qualified to act as a leader in these roles.

@Victalan I like the idea of converting event attendance to star points. How easy is that to implement?

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Re: Major overhaul of the ranking system

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